Systems Biology Colloquium 15 Nov 2013 - The ups and downs of drug-response experiments in the home-cage

Organised by Biometris

Fri 15 November 2013

Venue Radix, gebouwnummer 107
Room W0.1
Behavioural phenotyping of rats in their home-cage is an exciting new approach towards drug-response experiments. Exciting new approaches however, do not always result in the expected outcomes. In this colloquium, an experiment conducted at Utrecht University will act as an example to illustrate our methods for analysing this data.

The aims of this trial were to 1) describe response of rats to well-known drugs in the home cage and 2) gain more insight into the dopaminergic system in rats. Rats underwent brain surgery to influence their dopaminergic system or received a control-treatment brain surgery. After a recovery period, they were housed in the home cage and injected with several drugs (e.g. amphetamine and haldol) in different doses. We found however, that groups that were supposed to behave similar acted differently and groups that were supposed to differ acted similarly.

Friday morning, I will share our methods and results and would be very interested in hearing your opinions and ideas.