Effect of quotas and their enforcement to the tuna fishery sustainability: An Agent-Based Model

Organised by Biometris

Fri 22 March 2013 11:00 to 12:00

Venue Radix, gebouwnummer 107
Room W3.Aa.095

This presentation is part of an on-going series of presentations in Systems Biology and Ecology, and furthermore relates to research within Complex Adaptive Systems at Wageningen and the group of Environmental Policy.

Different policy instruments are being explored to address unsustainable tuna fishing practices in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean, including quotas on the catch levels. To examine the effectiveness of quotas and their enforcement, we describe an Agent Based Model containing basic ecological, social and economic factors. Fishing vessels harvest within a spatial environment and are influenced by these different factors. It was observed in the model that measures to evenly distribute fishing pressure throughout the year increase effectiveness of quotas. In addition, strict enforcement of these quotas is required for sustainable fishing.