Splash - Industrial Biotechnology with algae

Around the world steps are being taken to move from today’s fossil based economy to a more sustainable economy based on biomass.

The 4-year SPLASH project will develop a new biobased industrial platform using microalgae as a renewable raw material for the sustainable production and recovery of hydrocarbons and (exo)polysaccharides from the species Botryococcus braunii and further conversion to renewable polymers.

Goal: The aim of  SPLASH is to deliver knowledge, tools and technologies needed for the establishment of a new industry sector: Industrial Biotechnology with algae and/or algal genes for the manufacture of polyesters and polyolefins.

The project encompasses:

  1. Development of Botryococcus as an industrial production platform
  2. Systems biology analysis
  3. Development of procedures for production, in situ extraction and isolation
  4. Product development