RIKILT is part of Wageningen University & Research and carries out independent research into the safety and reliability of food.

Food safety in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, companies that make food, are responsible for safe and reliable food. The Dutch government must ensure that they comply with the rules. Regarding that RIKILT plays an important role. A large part of our work we carry out for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

On behalf of the Dutch government we carry out Statutory Research tasks (WOT). These tasks are there to control law and regulations.

Furthermore, we advise on food emergencies and, if desired, perform analysis. In crisis we are available 24/7 but only for the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and the NVWA.

Analyses for private parties

RIKILT also works for private parties. Because of our statutory research tasks we can only do this under strict conditions. For example if we find substances above the norm, we must report this to the authorities.


RIKILT uses a wide range of accredited methods in its research. We have ISO17025 and ISO17043 accreditation.

The tests can be found on www.rva.nl under number L014 and R013.

Annual data RIKILT

Annual data of RIKILT is included in the integrated statutory of Wageningen University & Research annual report.