Topsectors and RIKILT

The Netherlands is a leading knowledge economy and strives to remain at the top both economically and socially. Therefore, we must continue to innovate continuously. As a result, the government has chosen nine Topsectors in which entrepreneurs and scientists collaborate. The government subsequently improves funding opportunities, rules, and adequately trained staff.

RIKILT operates in 2 Topsectors

RIKILT is active in two of these Topsectors, namely Agro & Food and Horticulture & Starting Materials.

RIKILT Projects
Status Project Contact
Complete Beheersing allergenen Monique Bremer
Safe local products Esther van Asselt
Ongoing Microbiologie in voedingstuinbouw Ine van der Fels-Klerx
Koepel voedselveiligheid Tuinbouw en Uitgangsmaterialen Ine van der Fels-Klerx
Veilige valorisatie an slachtbijproducten Leo van Raamsdonk
Voorspellen mycotoxinen in granen Ine van der Fels-Klerx
New Foodfraud checklist Saskia van ruth
Veiligheid van insecten Ine van der Fels-Klerx