Pistachio nuts

Natural toxins

RIKILT specialises in natural toxins. Natural toxins are harmful organic compounds which have a natural origin. Naturally occurring toxins in food and feed constitute one of the most important chemical risks to consumers.

RIKILT studies the following types of toxins:

  • mycotoxins, toxins produced by fungi
  • fycotoxins, toxins produced by algae
  • phytotoxins, toxins produced by plants



  • develops, validates and harmonises new methods of analysis, this includes finding alternatives for the use of laboratory animals. New methods of analysis research is often done in cooperation with international partners.
  • carries out research into allergens, bacterial toxins and animal meal
  • develops models to predict the regional presence of toxins in crops and fishery products. This type of research is also used to predict the effects of climate change on the amount of toxins in the environment.
  • contributes to the EFSA's 'scientific opinions' about natural toxins