Programme and registration

Information about the 2016/2017/2018 programme please see below.

Due to the test material features, the programme could have some modifications during the year. The updated programme is shown below.

Each year RIKILT organizes new proficiency tests. For these tests it is not yet sure if they will proceed, due to the availability of test samples and the number of participants. If you showed your interest in (one of) these new tests, you will be informed about the progress of these proficiency tests.

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Programme Proficiency tests (2017-2018)
Matrix Compound Subscribe before Download invitation Download participation form Additional remark PT-name Fee for participation
Bovine urine A3 steroids December 5 2017
Muscle Antibiotics January 31 2018 2018-01 500 euro
Water Gold nano particles 2018-02
Kidney fat Gestagens EURL PT 2018-03 500 euro, free for NRLs
Salmon muscle Antibiotics and parasiticides
Compound feed Antibiotics, anthelmintics and coccidiostats
Muscle Steroids EURL PT, research study 500 euro, free for NRLs