Reference laboratory

RIKILT is the Dutch National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for monitoring residues and contaminants in food and feed. Additionally, RIKILT is a European Reference Laboratory for specific analytical domains.

Monitoring compliance

Amongst the European Member States there is an extensive network of laboratories which detect undesired substances in food and feed. Within this network, there are a number of reference laboratories. These reference laboratories are charged with the task of maintaining the quality of research of detecting undesirable substances.

EURLs and NRLs

RIKILT is an EU Reference Laboratory. You can find out about more about our EU-RL activities on our EU-RL website. The EU has designated reference laboratories for specific domains. On a national level there are National Reference Laboratories (NRL). These laboratories are centres of expertise within their own domain. RIKILT works in close cooperation with other NRLs and European Reference Laboratories.

Aiming for high-performance reference laboratory?

If your organisation wants to become a reference laboratory or wants to improve its reference laboratory skills, training on the newest strategies and techniques will be very helpful. RIKILT can help you achieving this. Please read our brochure 'Supporting the national food safety system in your country'.

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