About EURL Growth promotors

The European Union Reference Laboratory (EURL) is a centre of expertise for analysis of residues in food-production animals and food of animal origin for the presence of hormonal growth promoting compounds, sedatives and mycotoxins.

Task of the European Union Reference Laboratory growth promotors

The EURL growth promotors is the interface between the European Commission (DG SANTÉ) and the National Reference Laboratories in the Member States in the field of growth promotors. The main task of the EURL growth promotors is to ensure the availability of analytical methods for monitoring and control of hormonal growth promoting compounds, sedatives and mycotoxins in food of animal origin, and to ensure high quality method performance by the NRLs. In addition, the EURL growth promotors provides scientific and technical assistance to the NRLs, the European Commission and other organisations. This is done through:

  • method development, validation, and method comparisons for regulated and emerging growth promotors
  • providing NRLs with details and guidance on analytical methods and analytical quality control
  • supplying analytical standards and reference materials to National Reference Laboratories in the EU Member States and other countries exporting food of animal origin to the EU.
  • information exchange within the EURL-NRL network through workshops and training
  • missions to laboratories within the EU and third countries