Animal products can contain traces of pesticides. Consumption of these substances can have a negative effect on health. RIKILT is in charge of statutory research into pesticides in products of animal origin.

Pesticides specifically addressed include:

  • Carbamates and pyrethroids
  • Organochlorine pesticides 
  • Organophosphorus pesticides in commodities such as meat, fat, liver, kidney, milk, and eggs.

Specific expertise

RIKILT is specialised in the analyses of pesticides in products of animal origin as well as in related matters such as legislation, method development, validation and quality control, and quality assurance of Official Field Laboratories (OFLs).

RIKILT advises the Dutch government in technical matters related to the presence of pesticides in animal products. As a National Reference Laboratory RIKILT also functions as the link between EU-RL and OFLs, organises comparative tests and/or proficiency tests, and performs arbitrage and/or confirmatory analysis in case of dispute.