Your partner in top research

RIKILT performs high-quality independent scientific research into the safety, quality and reliability of food. We work with state-of-the-art facilities and our staff have extensive experience and knowledge in this field. Our clients are governmental parties, international organizations, civil society organizations and business (under specific conditions).

International reputation is excellent

The international reputation of RIKILT in the scientific world is excellent. This is evidenced by the scientific performance assessment report, part of an independent inspection performed every 4 years.

Top of the world

A substantial part of the peer-reviewed articles that is written by our researchers is among the world's top 1% and top 10% over the past few years. See our Top publications page. On the page Publications you will find all our publications.

PhD students and postdocs

Currently, 20 PhD students and postdocs are performing a research project at RIKILT and are either being supervised by the part-time professors from RIKILT, Saskia van Ruth and Michel Nielen, or by others from the Wageningen University Graduate Schools.

Partner in public-private partnerships

RIKILT is a partner in many (inter)national public-private partnerships related to the Dutch 'Topsectors' and the European FP7 and Horizon 2020 programs.

Typical examples are:

  • Toxicogenomics (alternatives to animal testing)
  • Measuring and predicting new risks (e.g. nanoparticles in food, emerging biotoxins)
  • Several TA-COAST projects on innovative analysis
  • Food metabolomics (mass spectrometry chemical profiling and advanced data storage)
  • Screening methods based on bioactviteit