Strengthen Capacity building

Better insight in the role and effectiveness of capacity development initiatives.

Objectives of the project

The overall objective of this project is to provide EL&I staff with some best practices and show cases, and to develop better insight (handelingsperspectieven) in the potential role and effectiveness of capacity development initiatives as instrument in reduction of trade barriers in internationalrelations.


  • Inspiring 3 hour (lunch) seminar for about 40 EL&I staff to highlight the potential of capacity building for removing trade barriers; From this seminar a small group of staff, interested in further developing  the cases is to be formed. A short article for internal EL&I circulation will share findings and recommendations with a larger group of EL&I staff.
  • A four-page introduction document to support the seminar and serve as a quick reference for staff to learn about capacity building and trade barriers.(draft is available)
  • Research framework for studying success factors regarding the contribution of capacity building to removing of trade barriers and access to markets for the Dutch agri-food sector.
  • Two confirmed pilot projects (Ukraine and Egypt) where capacity building interventions are applied in different policy fields. Methodology developed to enable cross-comparison of various pilot cases (see Research framework above). This identification includes sources of funding for these pilots, preferably through existing top sector mechanisms.
  • An online module to provide easy access to existing information, case studies and policy instruments in the fields of Capacity Development and Trade barriers. Efforts will be made to connect this module (or build it into) the web portal on Food Security and Private Sector Development, which is currently being developed by CDI for the project group Food Security & PSD of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of EL&I. This is scheduled for end 2013 and will be based on pretesting the module during 2013.