CERES (Climate change and European aquatic RESources) is a 48-month Horizon 2020 project that is funded in the call BG02: Forecasting and anticipating effects of climate change on fisheries and aquaculture, which is part of the Call for Blue Growth: Unlocking the Potential of Seas and Oceans.  

Objectives are to:

  1. Provide regionally and industry relevant, short-, medium- and long-term future projections of key environmental variables for European marine and freshwater ecosystems;
  2. Integrate the resulting knowledge on changes in productivity, biology and ecology of wild and cultured animals (including key indirect/food web interactions), and scale up to consequences for shellfish and fish populations and assemblages as well as their ecosystems and economic sectors;
  3. Anticipate responses and assist in the adaptation of aquatic food production industries to underlying biophysical changes, including the development of early warning methods, new operating procedures, infrastructures, location choice and commercial markets;
  4. Assess relative exposure, sensitivity, vulnerability and adaptive capacity within the European fisheries and aquaculture sectors;
  5. Consider market-level responses to changes (both positive and negative) in commodity availability as a result of climate change;
  6. Apply innovative risk-assessment methodologies that encompass drivers of change, threats to fishery and aquaculture resources, barriers to adaptation and likely consequences if mitigation measures are not put in place;
  7. Formulate viable autonomous adaptation strategies (solutions) within the industries to circumvent/prevent perceived risks or to access future opportunities;
  8. Formulate policy guidelines (solutions) and highlight management challenges where established governance structures may hinder successful adaptation to long-term climate change.
  9. Effectively communicate these findings and tools to potential end-users and relevant stakeholders.

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