Cooperation in subtropical sustainable greenhouse Taiwan

Develop an approach to a sustainable Taiwanese greenhouse horticulture.

Objectives of the project

  • Goals of the public private partnership are:
    • To increase local agricultural production in Taiwan
    • To promote sustainable horticulture
    • To produce top quality agricultural products
    • To identify and develop new food products meeting Taiwanese requirements
  • Specific goals for this project are:
    • Develop of a public-private approach for a sustainable Taiwanese greenhouse horticulture
    • Develop a vision on sustainable horticulture in Taiwan
    • Facilitate trade and investment between NL and Taiwan
    • Develop a sustainable (energyefficient) greenhouse model suitable for Taiwanese conditions
    • Contribute to a greenhouse model for (sub) tropical greenhouses


  • A 3-year roadmap for a public-private approach for sustainable horticulture in Taiwan.
  • Commitment of government (COA, EZ) and private sector in Taiwan and NL for plan and roadmap.
  • Conceptual design of a vegetable greenhouse production system, public report: Optimaal kasontwerp voor groenteteelt in Taiwan.
  • A demonstration centre with working sustainable greenhouse models for Taiwan and similar climate conditions in SE Asian countries will be built at Tainan DARES, partners have been selected (year 2013-2014)
  • A pilot project for supply chain management is started.
  • Website: Aandacht voor Nederlandse tuinbouwkennis in Taiwan