Egyptische kasteelt op een hoger plan met nieuwe Nederlandse technologie

The project realizes through the use of Dutch technology a higher sustainability of Egyptian protected cultivation, especially in the areas of water, which has absolute priority in Egypt, and crop protection.

The Egyptian horticultural sector is in dire need of an innovative approach that increases its sustainability. Dutch technology is offered as an integrated and optimized package for Egyptian conditions. In particular, this concerns the import and application of water technology and of biological control agents, which are currently not permitted on the Egyptian market. With regards to water technology, the project want to demonstrate the effects of high-quality water technology on the water use efficiency and crop production. With regards to biological control agents, the project wants to open a dialogue with the Egyptian Government to realize a new legislation.

Sharing knowledge

The ambition is to import biological agents from The Netherlands, either under a new legislation, or on the basis of a waiver. In a demonstration trial, the effects of better water management and more biological control of pests and diseases on sustainability in Egyptian greenhouse horticulture will be shown. Knowledge on local conditions is gathered to optimize the greenhouse management strategies. The project realizes under practical conditions a platform where knowledge can be shared and that forms the nucleus for scaling up to other horticultural companies. This leads to follow-up business. The project wants to seize commercial opportunities in Egypt.