Insects as feed in Colombia

Food security is important for both a healthy population that has enough food available as well as for social cohesion and stability. This project focuses on the opportunities to use South-South inspiration to achieve durable innovation of the production of animal proteins with a focus on insects as fish feed for aquaculture. Through a participatory approach with stakeholders, social expectations and needs will be investigated in the context of achieving innovation and developing sustainable food production and social stability.

Food security (SDG2) and peace and justice (SDG16) are closely connected. Smallholder farmers play an important role in food security and social embedding and social security is important for SDG2 as well as SDG16. Sustainable production of proteins is an important component of food security and healthy food production. Insects provide excellent opportunities for a circular production of animal proteins. This project focuses on aquaculture in a broad context. Experiences with the development of insects as feed for smallholder farmers in non-conflict areas can be used to facilitate similar developments in former conflict areas.

For such a South-South inspiration it is relevant to investigate which social and political circumstances contribute to the success of involving smallholder farmers in the implementation of a sustainable circular food production. Knowledge of the success factors and how these can be used in former conflict areas can lead to inspiration to improve food production and stability in former conflict areas. Such developments may lead to a direct coupling of SDG2 and SDG16. For this it is important to investigate with ex-combatants what the social expectations, needs and interests are to be able to achieve a just integration in society in which they feel recognized as full member of society by being a member of social and economic networks.