Resource efficiency Amsterdam

Global, EU, national, and regional economies are more and more impacted by a growing shortage of natural and other resources, with cities located vulnerably at the end of the trade chains. In this project we will explore the potential of nature-based solutions and the concept of urban metabolism for urban water and waste management.

AMS strives to transform to a sustainable city with a circular economy. Documents with "ideal pictures" are already available. However, how can AMS make this transition happen? Where should AMS focus on to be successful and which parties and companies are important players/stakeholders who need to be involved?

The aim of the project is to provide an overview of concrete perspectives for resource recovery and efficiency in AMS (or other cities and urban areas) where products are made from waste that have an additional value in and outside the city and in agriculture.
The key words in the program description KB25 for this project are: water, waste, materials and energy.