Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center

The objective of the Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Centre is to bring together, inspire and share knowledge among stakeholders in the Chinese dairy sector.

At present, China’s dairy market is facing major challenges. China is experiencing a rapidly growing demand for dairy products, but has limited availability of arable land. At the same time, the focus of the dairy sector is shifting from quantity expansion to quality improvement and profitability increase. That is why it is key to improve milk yield and milk quality. Besides, food quality and food safety have become important priorities for the Chinese government.

The Netherlands has over a century of experience in producing a large quantity of high quality milk on a limited area of farmland. The SDDDC is designed to share Dutch dairy expertise with Chinese experts and decision makers in order to improve production, safety and quality throughout the dairy chain in China.

The SDDDC aims to

  • Improve the Grass to Glass dairy safety and quality in China according to the Triangle: Government, University and Companies.
  • Strengthen the long term academic collaboration between CAU and WUR
  • Gain recognition from relevant stakeholders for Dutch dairy safety and quality expertise and its contribution to the development of the Chinese dairy industry
  • Perform high-profile research in the field of dairy safety and quality throughout the dairy value chain (from Grass to Glass)
  • Seek support from relevant Ministries to ensure that research translates into the development of sound policies and regulation


The focus lies on fundamental and applied research.

  • Perform high-profile Research Projects on current Chinese dairy safety and quality issues and involve and engage relevant Ministries
  • Support an Expertise Centre in China where safety and quality systems can be put into practice
  • Cultivate talent, by facilitating student and faculty exchange and setting up training courses
    Figure 1 - White spots for improvement in the Chinese dairy chain
    Figure 1 - White spots for improvement in the Chinese dairy chain