Trees4Future: clearinghouse for foresty research

TREES4FUTURE will significantly enhance the ability of the European forestry sector to respond in a sustainable manner to increasing demands for wood products and services (including the preservation of forest biodiversity) within a context of ongoing climate change. TREES4FUTURE will achieve this aim by bringing together, for the first time, important forest communities (and their resources) which have barely interacted so far: from geneticists to environmentalists and from groups that work at tree or population level to organisations (including industrial concerns) which are active in forestry landscape or wood basins.

The project factors in the growing demand for wood, the desire to improve biodiversity in forests and the impact of ongoing climate change.

TREES4FUTURE is pursuing its mission by collaborating with different groups in the forestry sector, from geneticists to environmental activists and from groups that work with individual tree populations to large corporations that concentrate on the forestry landscape and the industry.

To make TREES4FUTURE a success, the European forestry sector needs access to essential datasets for the purposes of making assessments, running data-based models and, ultimately, supporting the development of ‘forestry for the future’. At the same time, it has to factor in climate change, among other things.

The project will develop knowledge for harmonising the required datasets and build the semantics needed for the harmonisation process. It will also set up an infrastructure that will make the information findable and accessible and enable harmonised visualisation via a clearinghouse.

Activities and timescale


  • Develop an ontology as a generic reference framework for the data sources.
  • Set up web services for the relevant data sources.
  • Unlock data sources via a geo-enabled clearinghouse.

Specifically for 2013:

  •  Deliver prototype 1 of the T4F clearinghouse
  •  Deliver version 1 of the T4F ontology

Results (projected)

The output for the project as a whole is an infrastructure for forestry research. This part of the project will deliver the following results:

  • Ontology for forestry data sources.
  • Methodology for dataset harmonisation.
  • Clearinghouse for data sources forestry research.
  • Academic publications

Results (2012)

  • Orientation.
  • Work out use cases for forestry research.
  • Design and implement clearinghouse infrastructure.
  • First version of an ontology for forestry datasets.