Water scarcity and the associated problems like soil salinity in agriculture and recreation (e.g. golf courses) is an worldwide escalating problem. If more rainwater can be stored, year-round, in the upper soil layers, a substantial improvement will be reached during the growing season.

In this project, a PhD student will be supervised on his / her doctoral research in the context of the research program 'WaterNEXUS'. The 'iDRAIN' project is focused on developing automated, predictive drainage/ sub-irrigation systems that can be operated remotely.

The anticipating effect means that the weather forecast (dry/ wet/ showers etc.) is used at all times to maintain an optimum water table, suppressing any salinity as much as possible and to optimize fresh water storage in shallow soil layers, at all times.  

Thanks to this procedure, plots with agricultural and / or recreational use are becoming less vulnerable to increasingly erratic running periods (too) wet and (too) dry weather, with the associated damage.

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