Wageningen University & Research in Bangladesh: climate change, water and food security

Wageningen University & Research in Bangladesh: climate change, water and food security

Bangladesh is a dynamic delta, in which fighting poverty and economic development go hand in hand with fighting population pressure and climate variability and change challenges. To provide insight in complex delta planning and management related topics, Wageningen University & Research works closely together with various partners in Bangladesh in a number of research and capacity development projects. The central theme of the activities is climate change, water and food security.

Our activities in Bangladesh

Climate resilience

  1. The HI-AWARE project develops robust evidence on how to enhance the adaptive capacities and climate resilience of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the mountains and floodplains of the glacier and snowpack dependent river basins of South Asia.
  2. IMPACT2C research on climate change and water – case study Bangladesh
  3. Capacity Development on Adaptation and Disaster Management in the water sector related to climate change (NICHE/BGD/85)
  4. Shells to combat erosion – building with nature, Ecobas pilot research project
  5. Member of the Steering Committee of Gobeshona, a platform for research on climate change in Bangladesh
  6. Research Project: Environmentally-related migration in the digital age. Research to provide a fundamental understanding of the ways in which ICT-enabled information exchange shapes practices and flows of environmentally-related migration. See also the information of NWO

Delta Plan

  1. Delta Plan Preparatory Team, and Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (Formulation Team). More information on the Bangladesh Delta Plan via www.bangladeshdeltaplan.org.
    > Read more (in Dutch) in the article of Jelmer Mommers, Correspondent Klimaat & Energie, 'Hoe Nederland het overstromende Bangladesh opnieuw wil redden van het water' (translated: How the Netherlands will once again save Bangladesh from flooding)
  2. Delta Ateliers, Touch Table application and the Delta Atlas: Geo-spatial participatory planning tools to support the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100. More information on the Delta Atlas and Climate Adaptation Services (CAS), a spin-off of Wageningen University & Research, can be found on the CAS website.
  3. Collaboration with the Delta Alliance Bangladesh Wing
  4. Scenario Development on IWRM at BUET, BAU, WARPO and CEGIS (NICHE/BGD/155)
  5. NWO/ Dynamic Deltas research
  6. Workshop 'Delta Planning and Management', held in Myanmar. Next one scheduled in Bangladesh, 19-23 October, 2014
  7. DeltaCap: Contributing to Bangladesh’s capacity to deliver its Delta Plan; the DeltaCap inception workshop in Bangladesh was held on 16 January 2017.

Food security

Integrated Knowledge on Water-Food-Water (NICHE/BGD/156), where a new Integrated Centre for Food Security is established at Bangladesh Agricultural University.

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