Discovering the function and strategy of the Uganda Oilseed Subsector Platform (OSSUP)

The action research is motivated by the observation that low income sunflower farmers in Uganda are constrained by instable and uncertain conditions in the market and chains linking them to the edible oil industry.

In addition, fragile linkages throughout the chain also hinder competitiveness of locally sourced oilseed versus imported palm oil. The lead firm in the oilseed subsector endeavours to manage this situation by introducing contractual arrangements. The Uganda Oilseed Subsector Platform (OSSUP) is established to collectively identify and manage leverage points in order to induce coordination mechanisms in the value chain transactions as well as to catalyse innovative capacity at micro and meso level. The platform OSSUP selected market coordination and innovative capacity as key issues in this endeavour. The action research contributes to cross-site learning, which helps the platform to understand diversity at district level and to filter out the strategic levers at meso level.

The action research primarily supports the strategising process of OSSUP, and, indirectly, the change process the platform is engaged with at different levels in the chain, in public-private partnership and in different localities.


Goal: The Uganda Oilseed Subsector Platform (OSSUP) is able both to catalyse innovative capacity with the aim to enhance the competitive position of locally sourced sunflower and processed edible oils and to introduce coordination mechanisms that create stable conditions for pro-poor development in the sunflower subsector in Uganda

Purpose: The research results inform the strategising process among the platform members and provide direction for interventions by the platform in the field of market coordination and innovative capacity in the sunflower subsector.