A&F pilot India: Prospects for Indo-Dutch partnerships in the pig sector

Build a comprehensive understanding of pig systems in India through a first analysis of the prevailing production systems and concentration areas where they can be found.

Objectives of the project

Specific focus is on:

  • characterization and evaluation of farm management and performance levels
  • assessment of prevailing constraints under which pig producers have to operate
  • describing current marketing systems available to pig producers (routes, marketing support and opportunities)
  • describing institutional barriers and opportunities for pig sector development at government and state- government level. Topics include e.g. import taxes, registration of products/inputs
  • describing current support programmes, training activities and capacity (individual, organisational) to deliver support services.
  • advising on possible improvements. The pig value chain in India has not been properly mapped yet ,therefore all elements from input and service supply to marketing will be described in this study.


  • Through an identification mission in November, plans for a Centre of Excellence in pig production in Kerala have been worked out. In this Centre of Excellence, various Dutch companies are involved (Hypor, VDL Agrotech, DLV, PTC+, Schothorst, Feed design Lab, MPS Group, Ottevanger, Heemhorst, GD), together with a number of mainly Kerala government companies. In Kerala the government is strongly involved in commercial activities, in the pig sector a.o. in producing piglets, providing feed and slaughtering pigs. Through this pig value chain, many small farmers can be involved in pig production.
  • The Centre of Excellence includes plans for a demonstration farm, genetic improvement, better feeding, improved animal health, improved manure management and pilots for pig-fish integration