Genebank collections of Dutch horse breeds

CGN manages horse semen of 5 Dutch horse breeds.

In the genebank database it is possible to search for horse breeds yourself.

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A start was made in 1979 when semen was frozen of 5 stallions, namely the Groningen stallion Baldewijn and the Gelderland stallions Dirigent, Commandant, Apollo en Istanboel. If semen from these old stallions have to be used for insemination, more doses are needed to get the right amount of living spermcells due to less advanced freezing techniques in the old days.
In the following years semen of the Groningen Horse, Gelderland Horse and the Friesian Horse were stored in the genebank. For more information about the stallions we refer to the database. Distribution of stallion semen happens occasionally. For a motivated application, please contact the administrators of the genebank.