Species and breed information

CGN keeps track of the amount of registered adult animals for cattle, sheep, goat, pig, horse, dog, chicken, rabbit, pigeon, goose, duck and honey bee.

The data can be found in the EFABIS database. Based on the population size it is possible to assess the risk of extinction of these domesticated animal breeds.

Dutch breeds

A breed is defined as a local Dutch breed when it is at least 40 years plus 6 generations in the Netherlands and bred without merging. There are more than 140 Dutch livestock breeds. These breeds origin from the Netherlands and have a function for the production of food (milk, meat, eggs) or are providing a service. Think of the shepherd dog or working horse.

The majority of these 140 breeds are rare, some of these mammalian and avian livestock breeds are international and of great importance for the international breeding sector, such as the purebred Dutch pig breeds and sport horses.

CGN works closely with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, the Dutch Rare Breed Survival Trust and the breed organizations.