CGN collecting missions

Through these pages we publish the information that we have on the collecting missions in which CGN participated. All available mission reports, collecting forms and background information have been digitized.

For each mission a page has been created which contains all digitized information as pdf files. On these pages we also offer digital maps showing the locations of the sampled material. Additionally a ‘KMZ’ file is offered, which you can use to view the collecting locations using Google Earth software. When using the maps please keep in mind that the coordinates of the sampled materials might be inaccurate as they might be based on regions or even countries. This is especially the case for the earliest missions as there was  no GPS equipment available.

Additionally the data of the collected material that is documented in our databases is available on each mission page. Although material might have been lost or might never have entered our collection, the associated information might still be available. These data are however not as well curated as the data on our active collection.

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