CGN oat collection

A relative small collection of. 395 accessions including 368 spring and 10 winterypes of A. sativa and 15 accessions of 6 different wild species.
A. diffusa is with 8 accessions the most represented wild species. Other wild species are: A. brevis, A. hirtula, A. ludoviciana, A. orientalis, A. sterilis and an unknown wild species.

The collection of cultivated oats consists of 204  cultivars, 63 landraces and 101 breeding lines. The population type of 10 accessions is unknown. The collection is largely of European (286 accessions) and North American (50 accessions) origin. Only a limited number of accessions are from the centres of origin of Avena (near East and Mediterranean) The collection includes 10 old landraces from the Netherlands such as 'Zwarte President', 'Naakte Haver uit Overasselt', 'Gele Timmermans' and several 'Tros' oats.