Forest Genetic Resources

The cluster Forest Genetic Resources is involved in the conservation and the promotion of sustainable use of genetic diversity of endemic species of trees and shrubs.

Evolution of trees and shrubs can best take place in their natural environment. Genetic diversity is the basis for such evolution, since it contributes to the versatility and the capacity to adapt, and hence to the survival of the species in future. Moreover, genetic diversity forms the basis for a sustainable and multi-functional forestry.


  • Promoting conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources as part of sustainable forest management
  • Developing methods to conserve the genetic diversity in Dutch forests.
  • Performing utility research in forest trees to provide information for the National List of Varieties and Provenances of Trees.


  • Providing policy support to the Dutch government and representing the Netherlands in the European collaborative network for conservation and utlization of forest genetic resources in Europe (EUFORGEN).
  • Developing conservation strategies for endemic tree and shrub species.
  • Performing molecular genetic research to support in situ and ex situ  conservation of forest genetic resources.
  • Functioning as an information source for the Genebank of trees and shrubs of the State Forest Service (Staatsbosbeheer).