Plant Genetic Resources

The Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands (CGN) is part of Wageningen University & Research. CGN-PGR maintains the Dutch genebank for plant genetic resources for food and agriculture under a mandate of the Netherlands government. CGN is also involved in on-farm conservation programmes.

CGN aspires to be the vegetable genebank of Europe
Theo van Hintum


CGN’s mission is to contribute to global conservation efforts. CGN considers as a leading principle the notion that the value of germplasm depends on the knowledge over and availability of that germplasm. In this context, CGN recognizes the need to integrate ex situ and in situ conservation approaches and the will to collaborate with all stakeholders.

CGN has traditionally adhered to a policy of unrestricted availability of germplasm held in its genebank. In the interest of keeping this material available for future research and utilization, CGN has undertaken not to claim legal ownership over the germplasm held in its genebank, or to seek any intellectual property rights over that germplasm or related information.