Presently (2020) the collection consists of 204 accessions each with three trees present. The collection which started in 1976 was initially built for safeguarding obsolete varieties. About two-third of the collection is from Dutch origin.

One-third is formed by foreign varieties which were grown in the Netherlands and a series of wild apples (Malus sieversii) collected in Kazakhstan by the USDA.

Composition CGN apple collection
# accessions
Consumption apples
-Malus domestica 180
-Malus sieversii 19
Ornamental apples
-Malus floribunda 1
-Malus pumila 1
Hybrids 3
Total 204

In 2017-2018 the collection of old cultivars has been checked by a group of Dutch pomologists. Together with molecular data obtained in 2004 (Van Treuren et al. 2010), it was possible to verify most old varieties. These accessions are marked in the so-called ‘highlights’ field of the internal CGN collection database, as being verified. Several duplicates have been removed.