Call for Contributions

We invite all experts representing government and policy, private sector, civil society, science and other actor groups to present and discuss their knowledge and experiences related to the two SDGs (zero hunger and partnerships) and food systems.

After a plenary session of world renowned speakers, the conference is focused around thematic presentations and discussions in three rounds of parallel sessions. The themes to be addressed are: 1) The evidence base for healthy, sustainable and inclusive food systems, 2) Balancing synergies & trade-offs between SDGs, and 3) Governance and SDGs.

A final plenary session seeks to design ‘food system transformation pathways to achieve the SDGs’. The session will start with the presentation and discussions of the a number of case studies, followed by the integrative part of the programme, bringing together the results of the thematic sessions and case studies into the interdisciplinary pathway thinking.

In addition to the parallel thematic sessions and the discussions on case studies and the transformative pathways, the organizing committee provides the opportunity to interested parties to organize side events.

This Call invites participants to submit their ideas for a contribution, in one of the following forms:

Individual Paper presentations

Participants to the conference can present their scientific, professional or societal work related specifically to one of the three themes of the parallel sessions. The organizing committee will sort contributions into a comprehensive programme of one of the parallel sessions, and will decide on the format of that session.

Individual Poster presentation

Participants can present their scientific and non-scientific work related to all themes and goals of the SDG conference. Posters will be exposed during the conference and special poster presentation sessions will be organized.

Adopting a full parallel session

A participant or group of participants can organize a full parallel session related to one of the three themes. They can choose the format of the session (workshop, panel presentation, lecture, discussion) and invite key persons. We welcome creative contributions.

Case studies

To build a bridge between the thematic discussions in the parallel sessions and the final session on the transformative pathways, we welcome experts and practitioners who can present a case aiming at achieving SDGs. Case studies presentations foster concrete thinking about how to collect evidence of progress, how to balance between SDGSs, how to govern the process and how to build partnerships.

Side events

The topic of a side event has to be related to the overall objectives and themes of the Conference (to be approved by the organizing committee). You will be responsible for the programme, speakers, and the format to be used. The organizers of the conference only provide a room and facilities, and the side event will be announced in the overall programme.

The schedule re. the contributions is as follows:

time schedule6.jpg

Please submit your contribution before 15 March 2018 using the submission form:

For more information on the conference, click here or contact the organizing committee via

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