As an integral part of the conference “Towards Zero Hunger: Partnerships for Impact”, a special e-conference is organized to get young adults engaged with SDG2 Zero Hunger. The e-conference provides a (digital) platform in which students and young professionals worldwide can engage with each other to exchange knowledge and create solutions to challenges related to Zero Hunger.

Questions about the E-conference can be sent to e-conference.sdg@wur.nl

The main aim of the e-conference is to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice on the SDGs. Although many young adults are aware of the existence of the SDGs, there is little knowledge and visibility of the practical interaction of the younger generations with the SDGs. By exchanging knowledge, sharing ideas and local challenges to Zero Hunger from different disciplinary angles, participants of the e-conference will gain both knowledge and practical experience in working with the SDGs. This will contribute to transforming the complex image of SDGs into a more comprehensive set of practical approaches related to daily practices. As such, the participating young adults are creating solutions for impact.