Guidelines for submission of challenges

The submitted challenge should fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Relate to a local food system, having a link or connection with the global scale.
  2. Contribute to achieving Zero Hunger.
  3. Fit within one of the food system processes (production, transformation, distribution and consumption) or focus on the interlinkage between the processes. 

Selection criteria:

  • Creativity: challenges in local food systems that encourage innovative solutions and application of local values, technologies and best practices.
  • Contemporary: relate to topics that are prominent in current debates.
  • Trans-disciplinary: connects and bridges various students, young professionals and research communities from different fields and disciplines in solving local food system challenges.
  • Feasible and output-oriented: yield tangible and measurable results that are practice-oriented and workable within two years.
  • Presentation: the submitted challenge ought to be well described or clarified through additional questions. The online form should also be filled in completely in order to be selected. In addition, you have the chance to upload a 2 minute video, in which you can illustrate and elaborate, in an original and imaginative manner, on the submitted challenge.

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