Poster sessions

The poster sessions offered a forum for presenters to highlight a research study or their organization. The poster sessions provided other conference participants an opportunity to quickly and easily become acquainted with a specific topic. The following posters could be seen:

P1. Netherlands Red Cross

'Characterizing the data ecosystem around the SDGs for more efficient reporting'

P2. Alejandro Parodi

'Future foods: towards a sustainable and healthy diet for a growing population'

P3. Lise Paresys

'Identifying “win-win” options among farmers’ cropping strategies in two Beninese villages'

P4. Sangeetha Rajeesh
'Towards evidence based change: nutrition evidence to agricultural policy pragmatic research uptake conceptual framework'

P5. Cinthia Soto Golcher
'Governing the agriculture-climate-food security nexus through partnerships: the case of the global alliance on climate smart agriculture'

P6. Stijn Schreven
'Edible insects as sustainable protein source in food and feed'

P7. Tycho Vermeulen
'Waste to food - great model, changing reality'

P8. Vania Olmos Lau
'Agroforestry as a sustainable agriculture solution to provide alternative income for small-holder farmers in Paraguay'

P9. Renata Jagustovic
''Contribution of systems thinking and CAS theory to climate-smart agriculture: an example from Ghana'

'Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund (INREF) and SDGs'

P11. Anne de Valença, Wytze Marinus, Gerrie van de Ven, Katrien Descheemaeker, Ken Giller
'Benchmarking Living income of rural households in less developed countries'

P12. Job Spijker
'Disentangling the causes of variability in carbon leaching: effects of climate change, agricultural policies and land use'

P13. Putri Ernawati Abidin
'Simple but effective sand storage technology for assuring more food and timely planting material in drought-prone areas of Sub-Saharan Africa'

P14. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
'‘Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Facility (SDGP): public-private partnerships for food security and private sector development in developing countries'

P15. East-West Seed

P16. Jochem Smit

P17. Dr. Mohammed M. Saleh
'SDG 2: Zero Hunger - Possibilities and Constraints'

P18. Daniel Pinillos
'‘Mapping the supply and demand of ecosystems services: a first step towards multifunctional land management in eastern Amazonia’

P19. Carl Timler
'More household income does not translate into better diets: Solution Spaces for Improved Smallholder Nutrition'

P20. Maria de los Angeles France

'Carbon Footprint of the Coffee Roasting Process Based on Two Technologies with Different Sources of Energy in Peru'