Publication: ‘Towards a nature inclusive society’

Published on
August 5, 2021

The publication 'Towards a nature inclusive society' lists projects from the Nature Inclusive Transitions research programme with which WUR reflects and responds to the most important problems and challenges in the field of biodiversity.

Biodiversity is being lost due to the cumulative effects of a range of human induced factors; such as habitat loss and fragmentation, diffuse pollution, over-exploitation of resources and the growing impacts of invasive alien species and climate change.

The research programme Nature Inclusive Transitions is geared towards finding a more sustainable future through exploring solutions to the critical problems for halting and reversing biodiversity loss and making the transition towards a more nature inclusive society.

The publication ‘Towards a nature inclusive society’ shows a small number of the research projects currently funded by the programme, in which WUR reflects and is responding to the key issues and challenges that confront us in relation to biodiversity today.

Nature Inclusive Transitions is one of WUR’s strategic research programmes and it receives funding from the ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.