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We offer a wealth of research focusing on sports & health topics at Wageningen University & Research. Our expertise can add value to almost every aspect of sports, at all levels of play, from recreational exercise to Olympic level elite competitions.

To improve the quality of life, we systemically look at mental, social and physical well-being and the environments in which sports, exercise and play are being practiced.

Accelerate Sports & Health innovations to improve the quality of life!
The mission of our Sports & Health offer

We focus on sports, exercise and play research for elite, high performance and recreational athletes, physical education, as well as leisure and recreation.

As we are a life science university and a range of independent research institutes within one organization, we are in the unique position to execute fundamental, evidence-based application-oriented and field-based sport & health research.

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Our areas of expertise in sport and health

Nutrition & Performance: For both elite level and for recreational athletes, healthy sports is based on intake of healthy and safe food geared towards the optimal level of performance.
Sustainable sport and venues: Sustainability and circular economy are as important in sport, exercise and play as they are in other aspects of our lives and living environment.
Healthy active metropoles: Sport, exercise and play and the environments in which these take place are key in keeping our cities and their inhabitants healthy. This particular subject focuses on the interplay between sports, participation in society and the urban green economy.

All our research is being supported by a strong data science & Internet of things function.

Our research expertise and knowledge valorization

We incorporate expertise from social sciences, food and nutrition sciences, plant sciences, bio-based sciences, food safety sciences, and other disciplines of Wageningen University & Research. See our track record

We have an extensive range of state of the art laboratories and analytical facilities at your disposal.

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