Healthy Active Metropoles

Sport, exercise and play and the environments in which these take place are key in keeping our cities and their inhabitants healthy. This subject Healthy Active Metropoles focuses on the interplay between sports, participation in society (e.g. by marginalized groups) and the urban green economy.

Think of parks where people can exercise, urban agriculture, waste recycling in cities, sport initiatives in poorer neighbourhoods or for elderly people, and more. This is the intersection of sport associations, governments, NGOs, private initiatives and the universities.

Healthy behaviour and life skills

We use a holistic view to health, considering physical, social, mental and spiritual well-being. Health is created in everyday-life and arises from interaction between individual lifestyle, the social and physical environment. A healthy society is happier and more productive and is a key driver of economic growth. Investing in people's health therefore, means investing in society.

Taken together, these subjects cover sport and health related research and innovation subjects like:

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