Sustainable Sports & Venues

Sustainability and circular economy are as important in sport, exercise and play as they are in other aspects of our lives and living environment. Sustainable Sports & Venues therefore is an important focus area within Wageningen’s offer on Sports & Health.

Our expertise on sustainable sports materials and sustainability of sports venues can add value to all levels of play, from recreational exercise to Olympic level elite competitions. We focus on sustainable materials and sustainability of sports venues for elite, high performance and recreational athletes, physical education, as well as leisure and recreation.

We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children
David Brower

Our offer in sports materials and venues encompasses research and innovations in subjects like:

Sustainable, bio-based sport materials

Our research focuses on the development of renewable materials such as bioplastics (thermoplastics and thermosets), natural fibre based materials (such as composites), coatings and adhesives, and has decades of experience in the development of bio-based materials and products. These materials can be optimised toward suitable materials to be used in sports.

Sustainable management of sporting floors and fields

WUR has a wide range of research in sustainable management of turf grass as well as artificial pitches and flooring materials. Management of turf grass focuses on subjects like water flows; soil physics; fertilisation application; improving the physical, chemical and biological quality of soils; and usage of non-chemical pesticide.

Waste and energy management

The sustainable production of energy for, for example, indoor climate regulation in sport venues, sustainable disposal and recycling of waste and sustainable construction materials and practices can all greatly contribute to making sports and venues more sustainable. WUR has a wealth of expertise on these subjects, helping to make venues more sustainable.

Altogether, our research areas contribute to innovations in, for example:

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