Trusted source: reliable, digital information on food products

Consumers and producers like to make well-founded choices for healthy food that has been produced in the right way. This project contributes to the technical and organisational realisation of access to information on food products.

Consumers need accurate and specific knowledge and information at the right time if they are to choose healthy food produced in a sustainable way. This may involve information on the origin, composition and eco-friendliness of those products. In addition, parties in the chain require information from other links in that chain to optimise their processes. Access to reliable, accurate information in the chain is therefore crucial. 

Consumers and well-founded choices

The social impact of this project becomes visible once consumers have a greater capacity to make personal, well-founded choices for healthy, sustainably produced food. The sector can increase consumer trust by providing a greater and more balanced transparency, and will also benefit from access to relevant and reliable product data. Scientifically speaking, this project results in new insights into how consumers use information, the role of semantics in chain information, and support for the production and sharing of information in the chain.


This project initiates four pilots per year to build new knowledge on standards for linking and sharing existing data sources & systems and methods to retrieve information, both in the chain and with consumers. It is also comprised of five sub-projects: