Bioassays for (pro) hormones, antibiotics and antivirals

The main and most important requirement for food quality is food safety.

There are several laws and guidelines that should ensure food safety. Detection of banned growth promoters (steroids/anablics) (96/22/EC, 96/23/EC) and excessive use (misuse) of antibiotics may be performed cost effectively using bioassays, in case of large sample numbers. Because the detection is based on the demonstration of impact / effect of substances, also obsolete and the latest unknown substances, e.g. designer steroids, can be detected.

Besides food safety also antibiotic resistance is an important food item: not only due to human care (hospital), but also in the animal production, the development of antibiotic resistance plays an important role.

The aim of the project is to develop, validate and apply bioassays for the detection of antimicrobial and antiviral drugs, hormones and prohormones in food, feed, supplements and urines.