Evaluation of the ecosystem services of roof- and facade green

What is the (potential) impact on district/city level?
Literature studies indicate that green roofs and walls have many beneficial effects on cities, such as beautification, improved indoor climate of buildings, water retention, reduced heat-island effect, reduced noise pollution and improved air quality.

Green roofs and walls also strengthen the ecological qualities of a city and have a favorable effect on livability and attractiveness.

This project collects knowledge about the ecosystem services of green roofs and walls. The goal is to identify:
• What physical characteristics of green roofs and walls determine these ecosystem services for the suburb, city and urban region, such as reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect?
• Under what circumstances are green roofs and walls the most appropriate providers of ecosystem services, and when are other forms of urban green more applicable or effective?
• What organizational factors determine success and failure when applying effective amounts of green roofs and walls?