Potato Ethiopia: roadmap for systems change

The aim of this project is to develop a fullfledged programme aiming at developing a vibrant and sustainable market driven potato cluster well connected to international networks by using a system and transformation approach and with optimal involvement of Netherlands private sector and knowledge institutes.. The system and transformation approach of top sector Agro&Food will be based on the following closely connected development pathways.

Objectives of the project

  • The potato cluster in Ethiopia is not developed at all. A road map for the seed sector and for  cooperatives is developed by the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) is approved and implementation has started. The Netherlands supported Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) programme is included in the road map, Part of ISSD is developing a system for protecting breeders rights is being developed, but not yet operational
  • Low actual yields in Ethiopia are due to low soil fertility, lack of good quality seed devoid of viral and bacterial diseases, unavailability and or insufficient and or inadequate application of fertilizers, inadequate l;ate blight control, irregularity of water supply from rain, lack of appropriate machinery and equipment and lack of appropriate stores
  • Trade is informal from grower to consumer through buyers, middlemen and (street) vendors. There is hardly any supermarket sales of washed and packed or branded potato. Processing is absent except for first starting of (unbranded) crisps sales


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