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Relation between plant available soil phosphorus and phosphorus fertilisation

The European Commission decided that only balanced fertilisation is allowed. This means the supply of phosphate is equal to the drain of phosphate. Within this project, the effects of this balanced fertilisation will be studied.


From 2006 the Netherlands needs to fulfil the obligations arising from the Nitrates Directive (1991). To meet these obligations a system of phosphorus use standards had been implemented. These use standards are differentiated into three soil phosphorus classes. With the European Commission an agreement has been made that from 2015 onward phosphorus use standards are based on maintenance fertilisation. Maintenance fertilisation balance input of phosphorus with fertilisers and manure with crop off take. A surplus of 5 kg phosphate (P2O5) per ha may be permitted. The goal of this project is to determine the effect and the risk of long term use of phosphorus application standard tuned to maintenance fertilisation on 1) yield an quality of agricultural crops, 2)on the short-term and long-term phosphorus leaching and 3) on the distribution of phosphorus fraction in the soil which determine soil fertility in the long term.