cows in pasture with in background the cowshed


Scorecard environmental performances of dairy farms

To evaluate the environmental performance of companies, it is important that the individual instruments for the measurement of this performance correlate optimally. The feasibility of this correlation is central to this project.


An increasing number of themes has to be taken into account by national governments when implementing EU environmental regulations. For each of these themes general standards or rules have been formulated, for instance to calculate excretion of nutrients or volatilization of ammonia or to put limits on fertilisation. These standards are based on the average functioning of farms. However, farms want to be judged more on their individual functioning. Therefore for each of the themes instruments have been developed to calculate farm performance more specific. A problem is that these instruments lack coherence. Connecting these instruments will stimulate their quality and proper use and will reduce administrative burden. The goal of this project is to investigate whether or not this is technically feasible en cost-effective.