DNA-analysis supports conservation decisions for Red and White Friesian cattle

Published on
September 12, 2014

The genetic composition of Red and White Friesian cattle resembles the genetic composition of the Black and White Friesian cattle. But differences exist, too.

This is the main conclusion of DNA research with 29104 SNP’s (Single Necleotide Polymorphisms) performed by SZH and CGN. The DNA-analysis is carried out with the help of CRV at the University of Liège (Belgium).

The Red and White Friesian gives a unique contributions to the Dutch dairy cattle genepool consisting of the Holstein Friesian, Groningen White Headed, Meuse Rhine and IJssel and the Black and White and Red and White Friesians. This supports the decision to conserve the Red and White Friesians, the objective of the Foundation for Red and White Friesian cattle. This foundation distinguishes five different lines in their breeding program. However, the third conclusion of this analysis that a close resembles exists between these five lines in DNA composition.

DNA-analysis reveals the position of this breed in the Dutch dairy cattle gene pool and supports the decision to conserve this breed.

Read the complete Dutch article (Source: Zeldzaam Huisdier, kwartaalblad van SZH).

Photo: Han Hopman