Understanding cattle genomes with BovReg

Published on
November 27, 2019

In September the EU H2020 project BovReg had its kick-off meeting at the Leibniz Institute für Nutztierbiologie in Germany. The aim of this project is to identify functions encoded within the cow genome that are relevant to the diversity and plasticity of phenotypes in cattle with respect to robustness, health and biological efficiency.

In the past decades, Dairy Campus cows have been phenotyped and genotyped extensively. The BovReg project will utilise data from 2,000 of these research cows regarding milk production, udder health, fertility and feed intake. Experts on genome-wide association studies will aim to detect DNA variants causing phenotypic variation for these traits. The obtained relevant functional information will be used in biology driven genomic selection models to improve genomic prediction accuracy for smaller cattle breeds.
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