General information about the testing location

Research is almost all done in collaboration with the commercial companies.

Much research was done in ACRRES; a collaboration with Eneco. The close connection to several organisations within Wageningen UR make it possible to study entire research loop systems, exchange knowledge and test new combinations.

Examples of current research

  • Wind turbines: prototypes, infrastructure, certification and wind measurements.
  • Economic significance for wind farms and regional development.
  • Profitability of various types of solar installations.
  • Optimal use of residual heat and residual biomass.
  • Reuse of nutrients.
  • Environmentally friendly production and bioethanol production on the scale of farms.
  • Small scale decentralized bio-refinery of corn.
  • Testing different algae and production systems (pond and greenhouse photobioreactors and LED lighting).
  • Algae as a future source of protein, and production methods and applications.
  • Improving maize cultivation methods (soil and climate).
  • Valuable small biomass residues. Optimisation cycles (including co-digester - bioethanol plant - algae pond).