Climate-Smart Agriculture


CSA@WUR is a network of more than 90 professionals working on CSA. We aim to share and develop knowledge, both within WUR and with other universities and stakeholders. We bring together different disciplines and expertise and offer a comprehensive and transdisciplinary approach, including a critical mass of research facilities. We address technical, environmental, social, political and economic aspects of current agricultural and climate challenges. We aim to bridge demand for CSA solutions among end users and supply of knowledge by research institutes, including by combining fundamental and applied knowledge.

The CSA@WUR Expertise Network:

  1. is a platform to share knowledge on CSA within WUR;
  2. works to improve the evidence base on CSA, including how it supports food security, taking into account local, regional and cultural contexts and needs;
  3. contributes to public debates on CSA nationally, in Europe and on a global scale, and thus influences policy and research agendas;
  4. supports implementation of CSA at different scales and in many contexts.