Call for partners: 'Circular Horticulture'

The coming years will be a period of transition towards a circular economy for greenhouse horticulture. We identified several bottlenecks in this transition, which also offer great new opportunities for the sector. Our goal is to pave the way towards the development of an efficient, clean and connected greenhouse horticulture. That is why we now call for partners to participate in a public private partnership.

We define circular horticulture as an upcycling production system that is efficient in the use of water, minerals and energy, that uses clean and sustainable input, that produces output based on product specifications, and is connected with other productions systems. We see new market opportunities for companies to develop such future production systems and contribute to the licence to operate of the industry.

In our research we defined several bottlenecks in this transition and developed a vision of the future role of greenhouse horticulture in the circular economy. The goal of this present project is to solve bottlenecks in the transition of horticulture towards circularity. We will incorporate recent energy solutions such as the All-Electric Greenhouse. The result will be a series of solutions that can directly be applied by industry, and a partial redesign of production systems to allow for circularity. It is also our ambition to eventually develop a circular horticulture greenhouse demo farm or living lab.


We are now looking for partners who want to participate in developing solutions for circular horticulture. We aim at developing a project with several work packages. Partners may participate in dedicated work packages, of which the rules on confidentiality and level of control are put in an agreement beforehand. Where 50% subsidy is brought in by the government, at least 25% cash and a 25% In Kind (hours and material) contribution by the partners is required. Initiatives are sought within the following scope:

  • Value addition to outgoing flows through the separation of present green flows, to allow for plant compounds and fibers to be used in other production systems or direct feed back into the greenhouse system.
  • Circular solutions and alternatives for present incoming and outgoing flows of fossil plastics: pots, packaging, nylon rope, clips etc. to ensure that present material flows will become circular.
  • Reduction in the use of chemical fertilizers and gradually replacing them with organic fertilizers.
  • Developing innovative solutions for sustainable CO2 fertilization in greenhouses.
  • Reduction in the use of fossil peat.

Invite for collaboration

The consortium is open to participation by companies that are active in agri-food or want to enter the agri-food market. This includes end users such as growers (collectives) and horticultural suppliers. In return for the Cash and In Kind participation in the project, the partners specify the topics that will be performed. The knowledge and IP can be applied directly within your own company (user right). The project is focused on direct applications that can become as generic as possible (prototype stage).