Call for partners: Internet of Food – exploiting interoperable product knowledge and models for product development and optimization

Looking for partners to build a FAIR program in which models and data are integrated in order to predict characteristics of (new) products and processes. This will link consumer perception to characteristics of (raw) material, intermediates and processing parameters.

Building a knowledge sharing framework

With ever changing demands, food industry needs to speed up its innovation and production processes to become more efficient and more sustainable. Two key technologies are foundational for increased processing precision and flexibility, i.e.

  1. new sensing technologies for better insight and control, and
  2. exhaustive usage and sharing of available and future data and models, beyond the common practice of supplying materials within specs.

Currently datasets and models are mostly incompatible and strategies and tools for controlled sharing of data and models, including compensation mechanisms, are missing.

Integration of models and product data will be of value upstream and downstream a production and processing chain. Processes can be optimized based on ingredient’s attributes. Through data exploration better understanding of relationships between material/ingredient/processing attributes and consumer perception can be developed. This will lead to improved control of  product quality.

Building on recent experience

The Sustainable Food Initiative (SFI) has already initiated the project Internet of Food to develop an open source platform in which new and existing proprietary foods models can be exchanged in a plug-and-play manner. This platform is based on the principles of Linked Data, which promotes detailed documentation of data but also enables automated processing of that enriched data.

In the first phase, we have worked on the infrastructure which shows that it is possible to automatically link a specific dataset to a specific model using linked data, without disclosing confidential details. In the present proposal we aim to scale this approach up to interactions between multiple providers of datasets and models, and making implicit assumptions explicit in semantic annotations. Moreover, sensors selected in the first phase will be included in the considered use cases.


We are looking for (more) private partners to join the consortium. The consortium is open for companies in the food and ingredient industry and companies offering cloud services. An active participation of the consortium partners will be expected as in kind contribution next to a cash contribution. Early response will give you the opportunity to give direction to the proposal.